The Spanish-Cuban “Esteban” wins the Cinema and Education in Values ​​award

The Spanish-Cuban production “Esteban”, by Cuban Jonál Cosculluela, won the Platinum Prize for Cinema and Education in Values ​​tonight.

The producer Jaume Roures has collected the award on behalf of the winners, from the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, who, accompanied by the actor Imanol Arias, welcomed those present.

“This is a night to be proud because Madrid is the capital of Ibero-American culture and cinema,” said the mayor, while Arias has called for “reclaiming the common cultural legacy.”

Between applause, the mayor enumerated great names of the Ibero-American culture: Gabriela Mistral, Julio Cortázar, Frida Kahlo, Luis Buñuel, Isabel Allende, Ruben Darío, “people -he said- that represent our culture and our values”.

Minutes before, the Ibero-American general secretary, Rebecca Grynspan, recalled the “skateboard hero” Ignacio Echevarría, “who gave his life in London to prevent terrorists from killing others,” and asked for his brother Joaquin’s applause. present among the public.

“Esteban”, a film about the wishes of a Cuban boy to become a successful singer, competed “El acompañante” (Cuba-Colombia-Panama-Venezuela), “El Jeremías” (Mexico), “Rara” (Chile- Argentina) and “A monster comes to see me” (Spain), an award that is granted in collaboration with the FAD (Foundation for Help against Drug Addiction).

This is the second time that the Platinos have presented this award to a film that symbolizes the cinema that values ​​education in equality and respect for others, which has also run in parallel with the launch in Latin America of an ambitious program that has led to the cinema to millions of primary and secondary students.

This award gives visibility to a cinema that is necessary, above all, for the youngest, where the emotions of the images lead them to internalize values ​​such as coexistence, tolerance, respect or integrity.