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Know the foods that make you addicted

We all know that there are foods that are hard to resist, that seem to always appeal to us and that, once we start eating them, it is difficult to stop. We tend to think that this happens to us because there are foods that we like very much, that it is only a question of preferences, but there is something else behind it: foods that cause an addiction in our brain that can be compared to that generated by the drug. We mentioned to:

Pizza. It is one of the foods that awakens more passions and, in addition, the most addictive. We know that it is fattening, that it is not convenient to abuse, however, to prove a portion means to want more. There are foods that provoke in the brain reactions similar to those that occur in him before the consumption of certain drugs.

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Chocolate. This product is rich in sugar and foods rich in this ingredient are more addictive. By the way, we talk about chocolate in all its variants.

Chips French fries are another of the most addictive foods. Difficult to take a single and that is due to its high content of fats that create in the brain a sense of satisfaction of hunger more intense and faster than that produced by other foods.

Frozen. There are foods that contain elements that act intensely on the reward system of our brain, for that reason, we will look for them more. It is the case of ice cream.

Cakes Sweet is the bane of many people. Its content in different sugars, fats and its rapid absorption that makes it quickly reach the blood are the key points of its addictive power.

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* Food that creaks and are rich in fat, like chicken also generates addiction to consume them.

* There are different types of cereals and the ones that are processed the most, the more sugar, the more flavorings they contain, causes us to eat.

* Sugar makes eating sweets and having difficulties to stop doing it.

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