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Information phase for western Cuban provinces in the face of new tropical storm

Information phase for western Cuban provinces in the face of new tropical storm

The General Staff of the Cuban Civil Defense established the information phase for the provinces of Pinar del Río and Artemisa, as well as the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud Special starting at 11:00 this Monday, taking into account the possible trajectory of Tropical Storm Delta.

The rest of the provinces of the western region must keep an eye on the evolution of this system and increase hydrometeorological surveillance, the note published by Cubadebate indicated.

At noon this Monday, Delta was located about 215 kilometers south of Jamaica, and 425 kilometers southeast of Grand Cayman, according to the Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology.

During this Monday morning, the storm continued to intensify so that its maximum sustained winds rose to 75 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts. Its central pressure is 1002 hectoPascal and it is now moving towards the west at a rate of 11 kilometers per hour, the meteorological report specified.

According to the possible trajectory that the forecasts describe, its center will pass between the Yucatan Peninsula and the western tip of Cuba on Tuesday night.

Depresión tropical Veintiséis amenaza al occidente de Cuba

The Civil Defense warned that the “organs, state agencies, social institutions and economic entities in the territories in the Information Phase must appreciate the particular situation and rationally comply with the measures provided for in their respective disaster risk reduction plans, as well as the actions provided for in the Plan for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus.”

It also directed the population to remain attentive to the information from the Institute of Meteorology and Civil Defense, and to comply with discipline with the measures indicated by the local authorities.

Delta’s threat comes shortly after Tropical Storm Gamma left rains precisely in that area of ​​Cuba, although it did not cause damage.

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