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Haitian airline company reveals resumption of flights to Cuba

Haitian airline company reveals resumption of flights to Cuba

The Haitian airline Dawn Airways revealed the resumption of its commercial connections with Cuba, after seven months of disturbance triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, reported Prensa Latina

If they receive the approval of the Cuban authorities, the airline would start its flights since November 1 in between Port-au-Prince and Santiago de Cuba on a daily basis; meanwhile, it would cover the path in between the Haitian capital and Holguín 3 times a week, the source suggested.

The airline company prepares to resume flights to Havana and Camagüey in December.

Dawn Airways announced that it will use 19- seat Jetstream 32- type aircraft in its operations with Cuba.

The business started its flights to the island in February 2017, and ever since it has kept steady connections with the Cuban tourists’ market, inspired by the prices of items purchased in Haiti and in high need on the island.

According to the source, Daybreak also links Havana with Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

El “mercado cubano” de Puerto Príncipe

After the pause forced by the intricate worldwide epidemiological situation, the company restarted flights on July 3, with the application of new health protocols that have the health of travelers as a priority, its executives said.

Haiti has reported nearly 9,000 COVID-19- favorable cases and more than 230 deaths from the illness since the start of the pandemic.

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