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Forty years ago, the American Enterprise Institute began a broad-gauged program of Latin American Studies to explore areas of convergence and conflict. In 1984, Mark Falcoff contributed a chapter to one of the program’s early publications Rift and Revolution: The Central American Imbroglio. Falcoff’s chapter, titled “The Apple of Discord: Central America in US Domestic Politics” showed how events in the region had important linkages to the US politics.

In his 1984 AEI study titled Small Countries: Large Issues: Studies in US–Latin American Asymmetries, Falcoff examined the role of the United States in Nicaragua, Cuba, Uruguay, El Salvador, and Chile. Over decades, Falcoff’s incisive and elegant writing covered many important developments in the region. His 1990 book A Culture of Its Own: Taking Latin America Seriously included historical essays, cultural studies, and a deep look at Cuba and its revolution. Falcoff called the book a “display case of his own method” to understand the region.

Falcoff taught at three universities before leaving academic life, and he wrote a novel about those experiences called A Season in Utopia (2013).

Today, AEI visiting scholar Roger Noriega continues this rich legacy writing widely about Latin America. In recent months, he has focused on developments in Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil. More than a year ago he predicted serious trouble ahead for Venezuela’s embattled leader, Nicolás Maduro.

Noriega is joined by AEI Research fellow Ryan Berg — who will focus on transnational organized crime, narco trafficking, and other Latin American foreign policy and development issues — and AEI Research Analyst Andrés Martínez-Fernández — who will contribute his research expertise to the project.

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