Bobby Oroza Soulfully Croons About a “Lonely Girl” in His Latest Single (premiere)

June 15, 2019 | 0 | Bobby , Oroza

Finland’s Bobby Oroza croons his heartfelt, smooth soul music in a deliciously high tenor voice that adds a dreaminess to his slick, Motown-influenced sound. Oroza’s latest album, This Love, came out on 3 May via Big Crown Records, and today the singer is releasing his latest single, “Lonely Girl”. The song possesses a gentle, soul swing, alongside beautiful drum patterns and relaxed guitar, married to Oroza’s vocals that occasionally enter falsetto territory and carry the song to greater heights.

Oroza grew up listening to the classic sounds of doo-wop, Motown, and gospel music. Meanwhile, Oroza’s Bolivian grandfather brought folk music from around South America and Cuba into the home, and it further inspired the future artist. So much so, that Oroza went to Cuba to formally study percussion. That background brings in some of the carefree, breeziness of Brazilian music and the complex rhythms and funky beats of Cuban music. You can hear all of that in “Lonely Girl”.

Oroza tells PopMatters, “I got to work with some truly inspiring and talented people on this. It’s directed by Danny Akalepse and I love how his brain works. I appreciate the neglecting of the easy way and going straight for the more intuitive and interesting side of it all. Something we wanna reach in to with music as well. We’re not counting on a storyline that would be obvious and quaffable but rather it’s about summoning strong visual and emotional human energies that let the viewer sink in to a world of dreams and fantasy.

“I’m waiting for those unique reactions and interpretations on the piece. It’s like there’s no trickery here somehow. The amazing artist Agave L’amour came in with such a powerful and natural energy and charisma that it’s just overwhelming and a simple set up will bring these things out in the best way I think. It’s human, it’s strong, it’s weird and it’s glued together with tons of love.”

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