A Vigo school teaches its male students to iron, sew and cook

The school considers that equality is learned with facts and created a complementary activity of household chores

Students from Montecastelo will finish the course knowing how to properly iron a shirt and cook simple dishes. “Equality is learned through facts”. With this conviction, the Montecastelo school has gone to work to “break down stereotypes and roles that are assigned inappropriately to women and that cause an inequitable inequality.” This was the start of a pioneering initiative for the students of 4th ESO to learn to iron a shirt, to sew a button, repair an electrical panel, do basic DIY tasks, put a washing machine or dryer and cook. It is called “Home Skills” and it is a complimentary weekly activity (and therefore mandatory) that both teachers and parents are volunteering.

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“We thought it was very useful for our students to learn how to perform these tasks so that when they start a family one day they get involved and they know that a house is a two-person thing, that it’s not a question of the woman cleaning, putting the dishwasher and ironing. This will allow them to become aware and know how to handle themselves at home. ” This explains the coordinator of these activities, Gabriel Bravo, who is also a professor of ESO Biology and Baccalaureate. The team includes an equality officer, Beatriz Fernández, a supporting mother, Pili Fernández, and a support father, Rafa Moledo.

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The proposal was born when they were planning the course and they were thinking about how to promote among the student’s habits that were in tune with the Law of Equality between men and women. They raised it first with the parents, who welcomed it very well, and then with the students. “Cooking was fine, but when people talked about sewing or ironing, some people smiled incredulously. Interestingly when the activity began they realized that it is an activity that a man can do perfectly and that it is not so difficult, it is a matter of knowing four things.

They had some reluctance, but they took it with a positive attitude. For some, it was the first time I had an iron in my hand. It was fun and instructive at the same time. We are quite surprised and the parents are very happy, “explains Gabriel Bravo. It is precisely a school teacher who is teaching them to iron a shirt, neck, cuffs or how to put it on the board. The students are divided into groups and will go through all the tasks. To cook they have parent volunteers and use the facilities of the so-called parent club. The activity started by 4th of ESO and the next course may be extended